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Character Description

Name: Carney (meaning warrior)
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 39
Ht: 6’1
Wt: 215 Lbs
Hair: None, stubble, shaved
Eyes: brown

            Carney was a warrior for a realm that is in turmoil. He was a captain at a young age and moved up through the ranks. He is extremely skilled in the ways of combat, and is not new to killing and slaughter. He is cocky due to his survival in so many battles. He believes himself to be invincible. Carney has moved up through the ranks throughout his military career to become a general of his king’s army. The power of general is slowly corrupting Carney and turning him into a power hungry war monger. He excels in hand to hand combat as well as combat with a long blade or a heavy battle axe. He is extremely violent and brutal. He is a sociopath and gets a rush from causing pain to others. He is not only violent, but smart as well. He uses his brain to figure out how to politically maneuver him self into positions of higher power always looking for more power.

            Carney, war born in a world that existed in ancient times People battled with blades and arrows. Wars were fought by thousands of men in armor on top of horses or in battalions. His Father was a captain of the Kings army and his mother worked as a seamstress for the king. As a child his mother was captured raped and murdered by a neighboring realm. His father was emotionally destroyed by this event and became closed off and unresponsive, leaving his son to fend for himself. Even Through all this Carney trained hard and became a great warrior. Eventually he was known for killing his enemies. Then stabbing them through there genitals.
            He wears a special type of armor created specifically for him. His shoulder plates are over sized to protect from side swipes during battle with multiple combatants. His chest piece is two pieces designed to cause blows to slide of causing low impacts and minimal damage. His favorite weapon is a long double edged sword with and extended handle. Legends say that with every kill the strength of his enemies is absorbed into the blade and he gains strength from this. He laughs and smiles at his enemies and sneers at his associates. He only loves power but will pretend to love anyone that can bring him closer to his final goal of ultimate power, ruling everyone.

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Homework 1

The first assignment was to create a character and do a turnaround for modeling in zbrush later. I started by doing some quick sketches just to get ideas flowing, then i went to the thumbnail stage after this i had a pretty good idea of what i wanted. Then i did some quick turnarounds to understand how everything should look. Then i did the 3/4 pose with more detail and more accurate anatomy and overall structure.

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The Beginning

Hello my name is Pearson Sweeney and this blog is going to be dedicated to my improvement in character design as well as my character modeling class i will be posting sketches as well as my homework assignments.